Party with Stig

Self-titled “‘R. Kelly of Punavuori”, Stig escapes classification. His music is a mix of pop, folk, country and hip hop. He is the first artist of the day on the Rento Stage, so the crowd is still a bit sluggish, but perks up considerably during the performance and towards the end the audience is loving it, clapping and dancing along. The sun is shining and the atmosphere is just right for Stig: he and his seven-piece band create a hub of music and dance which is simply just so much fun. It’s the perfect act to start the day: it is obvious that the musicians are having a lot of fun on stage and enjoying themselves, and it’s contagious – soon the crowd is dancing along, everyone’s having a good time.

Stig’s lyrics are mainly concerned with women and booze, with light-hearted rudeness, and it seems to be the recipe for success: his newly released album Puumaa mä metsästän rose to number 17 on the Finnish charts. It’s perfect summer music: light-hearted feel-good music that makes you want to dance.

The gig is excellent: the band’s enthusiasm is clearly visible and makes the show so much more enjoyable. They get the biggest cheers from the audience with hits such as Laululeija, Stigidilaatio and Puumaa mä metsästän, but the crowd goes positively nuts when they continue with Ryyppy, their hit dedicated to drinking. The band members actually all take a swig of liquor each before performing this song. They finish the gig with an encore: it’s a raunchy song from Edu Kehäkettunen, who Stig collaborated with, called Kullii (it’s about having sex). It’s en epic ending to an epic gig and everybody leaves with a goofy smile on their faces.

Teksti: Alma Tuominen
Kuva: Tuomas Vitikainen

Aihe(et): In English.