Töminä Crash Course

The Ilosaarirock weekend was launched in rainy weather at the traditional Töminä Club. The stage is new but the atmosphere is what we’ve all come to expect. Despite the less than perfect weather conditions the front of the Rekka Stage was bustling with mohawk haircuts and leather coats – a clear sign that the Ilosaarirock is upon us again!

Even though punk is the true trademark of Töminä the evening was kicked off by very different kind of material. Jukka Kiesi had the honor of being the first act, and this melancholy troubadour was right at home in the sombre grey weather. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who would have gladly listened to his tales of an upcoming apocalypse for a little longer.

Vapaa Maa, hailing from Tampere kicked up the tempo, the vigorous punk music forming the evening’s first mosh pit. What the set lacked in therms of length, it made up for in sheer intensive energy. The short set also had an upside: next on the line up there was some feminine charm in the form of The Splits. The quartet of gals banged out a rabid storm of hasty garage punk and the audience was sold. Even the weather turned for the better and this was instantly felt in the growing number of people in the audience.

Between the gigs this Web Press representative’s attention was drawn to familiar faces by the mixing tower. Ukko and Marita,  two volunteers who had oviously been lucky in terms of their job assignment were watching over the recycling boxes. ”Sure it was a bummer to be working on Friday and not being able to go to Töminä” Marita says. ”Then we saw where we were supposed to be” Ukko continues and chuckles as he points toward the rekka Stage. ”We would have been here ayway”. Volunteering isn’t too bad when you think about it!

The last band I saw at Töminä this time was Fun who brought in the largest crowd up to that point in the evening. The trio’s music surely was hard to pigeonhole. And that’s good, as describing them as belonging to a single genre wouldn’t make justice to the diversity of their stuff. The author was grieved as he had lo leave so early, because Töminä’s upcoming line-up includes some true gems in the form of Murheenlaakso and Terveet Kädet. My visit to Töminä was as fun as it was short however. Next year though, I’m goin’ all the way baby!

Text and photos: Mika Martikainen
Translation: Juha Peuhkuri

Aihe(et): In English.