Cool vibes in the sun – Komposti Sound and Kermaset in Rentolava

Local DJ talents Kermaset put together an afternoon hour of hip hop with a touch of soul that would have gotten an average night club dance floor bouncing. Most likely, the Rentolava crowd would have approved their selection of music, too, had the crowd not by and large disappeared to see the superstar of Finnish hip hop, Paleface, playing on the main stage at the same time. Now, Kermaset was in the unfortunate position of playing their beats to just a few drowsy sun bathers.  Nevertheless, the collective put on a brave face and showed that they are, if not exactly surprising, in any case capable entertainers.

Later in the evening, the chilly Finnish weather could hardly feel any more distant from tropical Jamaica, but this was no obstacle for the Finnish dancehall pioneers of Komposti sound. The selectors played two sets, of which the first mixes fresh sounds with early dancehall, even with the odd Salt ‘n Pepa hit from the 1990s to get the beach grooving and moving. Homage is paid to both Jamaican and Finnish artists and dancers. There is also a fair emphasis on educating the crowd about the moves related to each line of lyrics, with the selectors shouting their audience what to do: “nuh linga, nuh linga!”, yet the average punter hardly takes notice, and would not know the moves they are instructed to do. This does not deflate the vibe: this Saturday is about mad partying, and anything goes. During the second set, the style changes to a broad mix of summer hits from all sorts of musical genres. Happy faces in the crowd prove just how good these selectors are.

Text: Tuulia Nieminen
Picture: Sampsa Geijer

Aihe(et): In English.