Ilosaarirock Festival 11th – 13th July 2014  \\  Joensuu  \\  Finland  \\  ilosaarirock  \\  @ilosaarirock


Ilosaarirock Festival 2015 tickets are on sale. The two-day festival ticket costs 85€. Ilosaarirock Festival tickets sales are operated by Tiketti.

Persons over 65 years and under 8 years of age (the latter accompanied by a person of at least 18 years of age who has a ticket to Ilosaarirock Festival 2014) are allowed in to the festival free of charge. Disabled persons who need an assistant can bring one to the festival area free of charge.

Buy tickets

Tickets for Ilosaarirock Festival 2015 are now on sale. For more information, please visit our 2015 website.

Ticket delivery options

When you purchase tickets via Tiketti, you'll have couple of delivery options:

Electronic tickets (SMS ticket or PDF ticket) will be read electronically at the entrance when you change ticket to wristband. The ticket's unique bar code will be valid just once.

When choosing SMS-ticket after the payment has been transferred you'll receive two messages to your mobile phone. The first one includes your ticket code and the second the SMS ticket. The phone should support Nokia's multimedia messaging service to be able to receive SMS tickets. Smart phones do not support SMS tickets, but PDF tickets can be opened on the phone's screen and read electronically from the screen.

When choosing PDF-ticket you will receive two messages: The first one includes the receipt of purchase and the second one the PDF ticket attached to the email. Tickets should be printed out before entering the event, as the receipt of purchase is not valid as a ticket. PDF tickets can also be presented from your mobile phone's screen if this option is possible in your mobile phone.

If you choose to collect tickets, your tickets can be collected from Tiketti outlets in Finland during office hours with a valid ID card. Note that the transfer might take max. 2 working days.

Tickets ordered by mail will be delivered by express mail in Finland, registered mail abroad.

Please note that tickets are printed on heat paper that does not stand heat or long exposure to light or contact with PVC plastic.