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Black Lizard

Black Lizard

Late in 2013, Helsinki-based Black Lizard ran away with the top prize of Tulevaisuuden tusina ('Dozen for the Future'), a poll in which music industry professionals select the most promising new act which they believe will have a bright future ahead of it. We are positive that this will indeed be the case for Black Lizard, even beyond the Finnish borders.

Black Lizard's ultra-aesthetic music brings to mind names such as Spiritualized at their edgiest, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Raveonettes, and Primal Scream at their harshest. This is, in other words, loud shoegazing guitar rock with intense atmosphere, made better than perhaps ever before in Finland. And don't just take our word for it – trust the icons of the genre: the first, self-titled album was produced by Anton Newcombe from The Brian Jonestown Massacre and mastered by Sonic Boom from Spaceman 3.

The intensity of such hypnotic music is not easy to preserve live, but even that acid test is an easy feat for Black Lizard. This may not be the warmest or most humane music around, but jeez, it really works!

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