Ilosaarirock Festival 11th – 13th July 2014  \\  Joensuu  \\  Finland  \\  ilosaarirock  \\  @ilosaarirock

Ellie Goulding (UK)

Ellie Goulding

In 2010, Elena Jane Goulding won the BBC Sound of 2010 poll for the most promising artists for the coming year, and then everything just went boom. Since the victory, our Ellie has released two No. 1 albums, Lights and Halcyon, and at the time of writing, the latter has stayed in the UK charts for more than a year. The dozen or so hit singles from the albums have featured on airways and night clubs all over the world, and her videos have been watched on YouTube for hundreds of millions of times. In just a handful of years, Ellie Goulding has become a world-class star praised to heaven by critics and loved to bits by the audience.

Ellie Goulding's songs bring to mind echoes of Faithless and Imogen Heap, a fellow Ilosaarirock Festival artist from a couple of years back. Perhaps the most prominent of her trademarks is an airy vibrato that brings a touch of soul to her already monumental pop songs. So far, global success has kept her from visiting this corner of the world (bar one sold-out gig at Tavastia Club in Helsinki), but now she is ready to rule the hearts and minds of the Finnish festival folk. Ladies and gentlemen, turn your starry eyes to lady Ellie Goulding!

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