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Haim (USA)


In terms of fans conquered and column inches devoted by the music press, Los Angeles-based Haim must be one of the most sensational bands in the recent years. The three sisters – yes, real sisters – have found an indie pop recipe to die for: borrow something from adult rock, something else from r'n'b, add a touch of classic pop music, and make it all catchy and easy on the ear. In short: be irresistibly sincere and genuine in everything you do. This music has a light, summery air, which makes it a perfect soundtrack for the sunny Laulurinne festival ground.

Haim's debut album Days Are Gone was released last autumn, but the band had a massive following many years before that. The singles The Wire and Don't Save Me received a lot of airplay, which – in addition to the justifiable media attention – helped the album climb up the charts in several countries.

There's nothing mysterious about Haim's success. It is exactly this kind of disarmingly positive, sweet, light-hearted music that the world needs now. Resistance is futile; join the happy crowd and find the truth that is Haim.

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