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Humpfonia! – Eläkeläiset & Kuopio Symphony Orchestra

Eläkeläiset: Humpfonia!

Humpparock band Eläkeläiset and a symphony orchestra? Those booze-loving nutters who combine humppa – a type of Finnish dance music for one-step – and rock music, together with classically trained musicians in nice suits? Vivaldi's Four Seasons and humppa-twisted versions of classic rock songs? Is this utterly idiotic or the makings of a genius? Come to Sulo Club to find out!

Eläkeläiset have climbed on stage in Ilosaarirock Festival in several summers, in numerous line-ups. Yet, the gig at Sulo Club this year will be something unparalleled. When this group gets on stage with the Kuopio Symphony Orchestra, all we know is to expect the unexpected. You might hear humppa classics accompanied with strings and shameless deviations from the classical music canon. The symphony orchestra will be conducted by Yari a.k.a. Ensio Hienonen, who already has a history of working with Eläkeläiset. We cannot take responsibility for this show!

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