Ilosaarirock Festival 11th – 13th July 2014  \\  Joensuu  \\  Finland  \\  ilosaarirock  \\  @ilosaarirock

Riverside (POL)


In the eyes of music press and the general public, progressive rock may not be one of the sexiest genres right now, but hard work and great songs do help in getting your message through – as does persistence, and Riverside from Warzaw, Poland, have proved during their 13-year-long career that obstinacy is something they are not short of. Along with Behemoth, Riverside is arguably the Polish act that enjoys the most popularity beyond the borders of their home country.

If you have suspicions about prog rock in general, listening to Riverside is a great way to ditch them. It is true that they are breath-takingly skilled with their instruments, the songs do tend to be long and complex, but being difficult is never the be-all and end-all purpose for this band. Over the years, Riverside have grown somewhat apart from their early metal influences, but are still capable of power-chording the ceiling down if needs must. Whether you like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree or Tool, you'll probably love Riverside.

Riverside's great albums and relentless touring all over the world have helped in establishing a solid fan base even in Finland. The 2013 album Shrine of New Generations Slaves performed encouragingly well on the Finnish charts, and Riverside have been one of the most eagerly requested acts to appear at the Ilosaarirock Festival. Ladies and gentlemen, by public demand – Riverside!

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