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Sur-rur has toured the country for almost twenty years, and they are often called the most underrated band in Finland. But that is simply a compliment for these gentlemen! During their long career, starting in 1996, Sur-rur has become a domestic classic.

The band's music is definitely not easy listening – for example, their most recent album Ajan paksu lakana is over 80 minutes long. Patience is a virtue, though, and it will take you to a world of wonders. The singer-guitarist Vilu Vuorenmaa's insightful lyrics, extensive expression, and evergrowing epicness make the sound of Sur-rur a treat for the ears.

Sur-rur is made of art, 90s alternative sound and punk, but there is no room for faking. This band was a part of Töminä Club during the last millenium, and they sure belong there now, too!

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