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Ellie Goulding: unchained energy

Charming. Sexy. Bold. Eager. Fascinating. Wild. Unchained. All those and a lot more. These are the adjectives to describe the artist on the Main Stage on Sunday evening. She is Ellie Goulding.

From one mood to another end of the spectrum

Ellie arrived sharply at six in the evening with her dark toned band to invite the listeners for a dance with the tunes of her hit single Figure 8. With no hesitation the fairy-like singer took charge of the stage and the audience in seconds.  Wildly dancing, jumping and bouncing, the small-town girl from England showed us the reason for all her awards on the British music scene.

The ever-charming and energetic Ellie Goulding. Photo: Tomi Palsa

With just the opening songs, Ellie offered her audience something that only a true artist could. Nothing more was needed than a guitar and a woman with such talent to fill out the Main Stage of Ilosaarirock. With the song Guns and Horses Ellie continued opening a set that was nothing less than perfection.


“Believe me, there’s nothing interesting there”

By the end of the set the singer swept away all doubts. With songs like Anything could happen and I need your love the lovely English blondie paved the road to an intense experience only to end it with yet more list toppers such as Lights and Burn. By the end of the set the vocalist went from a small village girl to a diva just to crumble the delusion of the glamor of a big star.

“Believe me, there’s nothing interesting there” Ellie replied to a fan’s sign with a plea to take him to see the backstage as left the stage with a humble smile on her face.

For a moment, it was easy to believe that the road from a small town like Lyonshall to the top of the music world is not that long or wiry. Anything could happen.

Ellie Goulding drew quite a crowd to the Main Stage. Photo: Tuukka Pakarinen

Text: Sari Kontra
Photos: Tomi Palsa and Tuukka Pakarinen
Translation: Monica Gathuo

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