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How to find a festival sweetheart – Part III

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Now we’re talking, finally!

I had the idea that a security guy would be the perfect person to ask for help in my quest for romance. A person responsible for security must surely have some useful tips. I had set my sights on a rather dashing young fellow standing guard by the maintenance gate. Here goes, I thought! As a cunning woman I knew that one must first test the waters, of course.

Hi! Would you by any chance have any pointers on how to approach a man on a festival such as the one we are having right now?

– I’d say you just gotta be brave and go talk to people, he said with a local twang in his voice.

Okay, I thought. That does not quite help me with my current, on-going disaster.

Well, how about this. How do you feel about direct action? What if I just asked you now if you’re single and would you be interested in an Ilosaari romance?

– I’m not a big fan of direct action straight off the bat. You should open with some chitchat and then move on from there.

WTF? This is not the way a direct lady operates. Of course you must know if a guy is dating someone straight up. Otherwise you could just be wasting your valuable time.

Come to me. Photo: Terhi Hytönen

Ignoring his sound advice, I decide to go for the direct approach anyway and give this handsome man a little peck on the cheek. And it was really worth it! That litte kiss gave me the first glimpse of the fireworks set to go off later in the evening… Oh, what a magical, fleeting second.

I am left eagerly awaiting what the evening and coming night have in store for me…

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Text: Maija Ulmanen
Photo: Terhi Hytönen
Translation: Jyrki Laitinen

Posted in: In English.