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Opeth might’ve played a too good of a gig

Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth rocking like nobody's business. Photo: Sampsa Geijer

Opeth starts their gig on the Main Stage exactly at 20:15. This Swedish metal band has gathered a surprisingly small crowd, which has been spread out. Quite a few people are sitting on the grass and enjoying the weather, cooled off by the evening.

Mikael Åkerfeldt, the driving force of the band gives a tip on how to get a proper demonic sound to the music; the trick is to tune down the guitar. He also apologises for his rusty Finnish. Apparently the only thing he can say in Finnish, in addition to thank you, is “Do you want two hundred kilos of loose shit?”

- That’s what we learn in school in Sweden.

Åkerfeldt does most of the speaking in between songs in Swedish, but the audience does not seem to mind. The set list includes ia. Hope Leaves and The Lines In My Hand, latter of which might, according to Åkerfeldt, turn into a classic in about a thousand years.

Opeth. Photo: Sampsa Geijer

- Heavy metal is a very comical genré, even if I love it to death, Åkerfeldt states and laughs at how it looks when the audience headbangs without music and how the band themselves move on the stage. During the last song people standing further behind can see the hairswooshing and the fists drumming in the air in the front row through the screen.

- That was a too good of a gig.
- Too good? Can a gig be too good?

The downside of eavesdropping conversations after gigs is that you might not be able to hear how they end. The reporter can only wonder whether a gig actually can be too good or not.

Text: Johanna Mikkola
Photos: Sampsa Geijer

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