Ilosaarirock Festival 11th – 13th July 2014  \\  Joensuu  \\  Finland  \\  ilosaarirock  \\  @ilosaarirock

Californian heat – Haim

Haim. Photo: Tuomas Vitikainen

Haim‘s magical and diverse rythms took the audience in the Main Tent for a sweet indiepop journey. At times it felt like all the best parts of 80′s and 90′s music had entered the Main Tent.

It’s not common to see as harmonic band as Haim can be. No one of the three sister rises above the others neither musically nor personally. In this band it is obvious that there are three equal stars. Haim already has a nice fanbase in Finland and the ones in the Main Tent definitely got their money’s worth. The audience loved band’s freestyle jam session which had strong punk influences, all of which is evidence of the fact that Haim isn’t easy to predict. This makes them even more interesting and keep one wanting more and more of this Californian indie wave. After the jam sessions Honey and I lifted the atmosphere to next level. Strong rythms with harmonic melodies set the audience to trance-like butt shaking. Main Tent was still hot after the gig even though the air around it had started to cool down. Californian heat was still in the air.

Text: Antti Parkkinen
Photo: Tuomas Vitikainen

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