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Dalindèo by the beach

Dalindèo, a band originated in Helsinki, performed on Rento Stage by the beach as the sun was shining bright. Their relaxed good-mood music fit the stage perfectly.

The music was just awesome. Dalindèo’s jazz mixed with reggae sounds quickly got people into a good mood and to join having fun. The beautiful sound of the saxophone allured people to come closer from the beach and the booths. Sun worshippers only got up after laying on the beach for hours and hours, because they finally heard some true dance music.

Every song had it’s story, which was told by Valtteri Pöyhönen, the lead character of the band. The beach was the perfect surrounding for this kind of music as one could enjoy the sun, dance on the beach or take a swim while listening to Dalindèo. This band proves that good music does not necessarily need lyrics at all. People in front of the stage got so excited they grabbed each other’s shoulders and danced around in lines.

Text: Jan Hokkanen
Photo: Tuomas Vitikainen
Translation: Johanna Mikkola

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