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How to find a festival sweetheart – Part 6 – The Return of The Kissing Booth

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It’s game time. My best chance, the Kissing Booth, stands before me.

Apparently you’re all worthless in puzzles, so my expectations couldn’t have been any higher when I started out towards Rento Stage and the Kissing Booth. It was time to give Cupid a helping hand and get some kissing action up in this place. I was aching for a good-old slobbering, like the ones in my teen years when enthusiasm made up for lack in technique.

Finally all the pieces lock into place. A booth, a hunk and me – just add saliva. And at last it happens… A handsome young man’s lips draw closer to mine. His hands pull my hips into a firm but loving embrace against his toned abdomen. After a seemingly endless moment, our quivering lips meet. I feel his soft lips on mine and an errant thought pops to mind: screw nostalgia and slobbering, he’s an excellent kisser.

No words required. Photo: Terhi Hytönen

Everything around us melts away, the music stops and the people milling about fade. This moment is our and it lasts and lasts… But all good things must come to an end, our moment included.

I hold his hand for a while. Before this absolute dreamboat sets out to new adventures, he gives me a beautiful flower. I’m left standing with flower in hand, longing for him. Will I ever see him again? Was he the one? Perhaps our roads will yet again cross in this night’s Cheese Disco and we’ll have the last song…

Longing for her chosen one. Photo: Terhi Hytönen

Thank you, Kissing Booth! 10/10 would kiss again.

(Will the dreamboat sail into Cheese Disco? Will our lovestruck reporter find her match? Find out in the epic season finale!)

Text: Maija Ulmanen
: Terhi Hytönen
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto

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