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Studio Killers brought Main Tent to capacity

Studio Killers has filled the Main Tent to the brim and beyond, and this reporter, who only got to the scene as the show was scheduled to begin, is coldly left to fight for space on the outskirts. Other, more optimistic latecomers plough straight past me and blaze a trail deeper into crowd, deeper into the dark tent.

The band, staying true to rock tradition, lets the crowd boil in their own juices for a while before starting the gig. The spirits are as high as the expectations. The crowd starts shouting and applauding every time they sense movement on the stage. Suddenly, lights come on and music starts blaring. The reporter, who has not been blessed with the gift of height, can see only backs and backs of the neck and the head. Luckily, I’m standing next a tall young fellow, who kindly keeps me updated on what’s happening on stage.

– Some sort of hologram thingies and, I guess, some guy in an animal costume.

Studio Killers. Photo: Terhi Hytönen.

Righto. Restlessly moving colored lights create the impression of a disco. There isn’t much room to move, but the congestion doesn’t seem to bother anyone. Hobbits like myself have to close their eyes and use their other senses. You can feel the pulse of the music, the movement and scent of the people around you. You can let your imagination loose.

After moving to a slightly better vantage point I can now see the stage every once in a while. Characters familiar from music videos and colorful animations. Planes, missiles, hot air balloons, geometrical shapes, song lyrics…

Sea of people enjoying Studio Killers. Photo: Lauri Hämäläinen

“We’d like to see you bounce”, says one of the performers and the crowd responds immediately. Everyone knows the lyrics to Ode to the Bouncer by heart and people sing along. Before True Colours the listeners are encouraged to find their phones, turn on the lights and wave them around. Just like the lighters used in more primitive times! The couple in front of the reporter gets emotional and shares a few moments of intimacy as the song plays.

Jenny, the song that is to be the last of the set, gets bodies moving and mouths singing even outside of the tent. There is no encore and the Main Tent is quickly emptied as the happy listeners move on into the pink summer night to continue their revelry

Text: Johanna Mikkola
Photos: Terhi Hytönen and Lauri Hämäläinen
Translation: Jyrki Laitinen

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