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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Applying for voluntary work

Please fill in the enclosed form carefully. After filling in the form, press Continue. On the next page you can still check all the information given and edit the form if needed.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply.

If you have any questions about volunteering at Ilosaarirock Festival, please contact us at if.kcoriraasoli@otsolikneh. Please read our Privacy Statement and Description of the Personal Data File for the volunteer register here.

Name: (Firstname Lastname)
Date of birth:
Street address:
Postal code:
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Phone number:
E-mail address:
I am a member of Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association

Language skills:
European driving licence category:
Occupation / education / training:
Previous work experience at festivals / special skills / what else you should know about me:
I have previously worked for Ilosaarirock Festival:

 Yes, when and what tasks:

I'm available: (choose at least one option, you can also choose more than one)

 before the festival (between Mon 6 Jul – Thu 16 Jul)
 Friday 17 July, from:  — 
 Saturday 18 July, from:   — 
 Sunday 19 July, from:  — 
 after the festival (between Mon 20 Jul to Sat 25 Jul)

You can specify the working hours you would prefer in the additional information section.

Tasks I'm ready to take: (you can choose more than one task)<

Changing wristbands / Ticket sales
The staff of changing wristbands and ticket sales takes care that every customer has the right wristband and ticket to the right place. This task begins already at the festival week and continues throughout the weekend. For this position, as in all the other jobs, we look for enthusiastic and cheerful people who enjoy customer service. This job involves work before and during the festival.
Bar work
Bar work involves selling customers alcoholic and other beverages to customers. Experience is not needed, everyone can handle the job. Work consists of customer service, dealing with money, restocking and keeping the area clean. This job involves work during the festival.
Recycling and cleaning
The staff of recycling and cleaning takes care that all waste is taken where it belongs. In addition to making sure that the festival in general looks and feels good, you can do tasks such as recycling guidance, toilet paper patrolling, and morning shift cleaning. This task suits everyone! This job involves work during and after the festival.
The staff of cloakrooms takes care of customers' belongings. In addition to regular cloakrooms, volunteers are needed in alcohol cloakrooms and bicycle parks. This job involves work during the festival.
Camping accommodates customers. The volunteers' most important job is to welcome the people needing accommodation and direct them to the right place. This job involves work during the festival.
Construction work
Construction work needs volunteers to make the festival happen. The musicians can't play without the stage, right? Construction and unbuilding take place before and after the festival, so work is done for two days. Experience is not needed, hardworking and open-minded volunteers are needed for these tasks. This job involves work before and after the festival.
Office work
Office work is needed in every area of responsibility. Most volunteers are working in the staff area and check-in. They make festival passes, take care that certain lists are up-to-date, and work in customer service.
Catering feeds the hungry festival people and volunteers. In addition to hot meals, coffee and other snacks are sold at the food stands. Volunteers are needed to make breakfast and meals for the staff at the food stands and kiosks. This job involves work mainly during the festival.

I'd like to work somewhere else. Please specify:

I have already agreed with my team leader what my duties are. Please write here the name of your team leader and your duties:
I don't live in Joensuu and

I'd like to reserve a tent site in Ravileirintš camping.
I'd like to reserve a tent site in the Staff camp, which is a volunteers-only area within Ravileirintš camping.
My work shirt's size is  and model

Please note: The shirts are ordered in the spring when the total number of different sizes is still unsure. Therefore, letting us know your size does not necessarily mean that you will get the right size.
Special diet:

Other, please specify:
Additional information: (about working hours, work tasks, or other)

After filling in the form, click Continue. On the next page you can still check all the information given and edit the form if needed.

Ilosaarirock Festival Privacy Statement and Description of the Personal Data File

1. Data controller

Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, P.O. Box 240, FI-80101 Joensuu, Finland
Business ID: 1088524-4
Visiting address: Suvantokatu 1, 80100 Joensuu, Finland
Tel. +358 (0)13 125 030
Email: if.kcoriraasoli@ofni

2. Contacts in matters concerning Privacy Policy and personal data files

Please send mail to: if.kcoriraasoli@ofni.

3. Name of the personal data file

Personal data file of Ilosaarirock Festival.

4. Purpose of the processing of the personal data

The purpose of the personal data file is to manage information related to individual volunteers, teams of volunteers, partners and security personnel and to facilitate communication within the organisation. The contents of the data file will also be used for statistical calculations that are necessary for organising the festival. The statistical data is in aggregate form and cannot be associated with individuals.

The sole entity collecting and storing the volunteers' personal data is Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association, the responsible organiser of Ilosaarirock Festival.

The collected data will be archived and kept on a server designated by Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association and supervised by the administrators of the Association.

Persons whose data is entered in the personal data file have the right to access their data, request any incorrect data to be corrected, prohibit the use of the provided data and otherwise exercise their rights as safeguarded by the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999). Please send any requests to if.kcoriraasoli@ofni.

5. Relevant contents of the data file

• time and date when the application was submitted
• person's first and last names
• birthday
• street address
• post code and town/city
• country of residence
• telephone number
• email address
• whether the person is a member of Joensuu Pop Musicians' Association
• whether the person has worked before for Ilosaarirock Festival
• the desired time of work: before/during/after festival
• the desired size and model of personnel t-shirt
• if relevant, any other information indicated by the person on his or her application form

6. Regular sources of data in the personal data file

The data is provided directly by the volunteers of Ilosaarirock Festival at the time when they submit their volunteer applications via the Ilosaarirock Festival website or when the contact persons of other organisations provide the data of their personnel to be entered in the personal data file.

7. Disclosure of the data

The data is used for no other purpose than to manage Ilosaarirock Festival volunteers and other personnel and to facilitate internal communication. Persons whose data are entered in the data file may be contacted by responsible persons or other personnel of Ilosaarirock Festival by email, phone or post.

No personal data shall be disclosed to third parties. The data of security personnel may be submitted to authorities for approval. In case of misconduct, the data of an individual may be disclosed to authorities or other similar bodies.

No data shall be disclosed from the personal data file outside EU and EEA countries.

8. Protection of the personal data file

The data system and files of the data controller are protected with regular technical protection methods. Accessing the data file requires a personal user ID and password that may only be granted to the members of the data controller's organisation whose position and duties entails the right to access the data file.

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