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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Offstage Programme

During the festival weekend, there's always something going on both on and off stage, within the festival area and in the campsites. Choose your favourite from cheesy ballads, skateboarding, roller derby, SUP boarding, group (“Berlin style”) ping pong, yoga and mucho mucho more-o!


Due to overwhelming public demand, the legendary Juustodisco (literally: “Cheesy Disco”) moves from Ravileirintä campsite to the greener pastures of the festival area! The sticky white stuff melts in the Metelli tent on Saturday and Sunday after the last artists have finished, and the setlist of the DJ, Janne Laurila, consists solely of power ballads and slow songs – the cheesier, the better.


Pingisklubi's concept is already familiar from a couple of past Ilosaarirock Festivals: group table tennis (often referred to as “Berlin-style ping pong”) in the beach next to Rento Stage between bands around 12 noon – 5 pm on both days. Anyone can join the games while listening to Rentodisco DJs. Lovely!


On Saturday and Sunday, between Rento Stage bands, the beach-goers can tap into the tunes of Rentodisco (“Relax Disco”). The best guest DJs play anything from rap to world music and Balkan beats.

SUP Boarding

Need a calm moment in the middle of the festival? Then come to the beach next to Rento Stage in the Saturday or Sunday afternoon and try SUP boarding, a.k.a. stand up paddle boarding! What could be better than glide slowly on the blue lake and watch the Rento Stage bands play on the beach? The boards and instructors are provided by Arctic Trainers.

Tikari's Skateboarding Competition

Tikari's skateboarding combo is a tradition that comes alive again on Saturday at 12 noon at the skateboarding park next to the Main Gate. Come and show your best tricks here, or just watch others skate and enjoy the atmosphere. Free entry. Check out the compilation video of the 2014 combo in Vimeo.

Roller Derby

Joensuu's own roller derby team Rolling Rogues plays an exhibition game against Kuopio Roller Derby in the Mehtimäki Ice Hall (near the Main Gate) on Saturday at 12 noon. Expect a very tight game between Savo and Karelia! Free entry.

Game Tent

Game Tent, Peliteltta in Finnish, is a brand new addition to Ilosaarirock Festival's offstage events. Visit the tent to try the best new games by a number of Finnish game companies and talk to the people behind the games. Your next record is waiting here! Read more about Game Tent here.

Offstage Artists

The festival site and the camping sites are home to various offstage artists and performers during the weekend. If you bump into Grannies Smokin Pipes or Janne & Tulkki, try to keep calm and remember that the performers may only be fed at your own risk.

Festival Yoga & Workout

Join a yoga or a workout session in Ravileirintä or Niittyleirintä on Saturday and Sunday at 11 am! More details on this fun way to start a festival day to be announced later.

Carnival Area

Between the Main Tent and the beach, there is a carnival area full of various toys and exercise equipment, inviting you to try new tricks or shine at old ones. There is also a kissing booth for, well... ruminating.

Personalise Your Festival Shirt

Near the Metelli Stage, volunteers from the local Martha Organisation help you to turn your shirt into one suitable for the festival weekend. Bring your own shirt and let's personalize it!

Phone Charging by Climate Square Project

Phone's dead and friends gone? Find the booth of the Joensuu Climate Square Project near the Metelli Stage and recharge the battery by pedalling! Or while you're at it, why not try making coffee by dancing? All the electricity here is created by human movement.

The Human Slingshot

The amazing human slingshot near the Metelli Stage is the perfect distraction for the festival-goers who want to know what it feels like to be thrown into the heights of the sky!

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