EST. 1971
Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015



Rentodisco, a renowned Ilosaarirock Festival tradition, gives the Rento Stage beach-goers a reason to dance during the breaks between bands. Rulers of the beach from the throne of the Rentodisco DJ booth consist of the cream of rhythm music DJs from Finland and elsewhere: Basement Freaks, a.k.a. the hardest working man in Funk; TjH87, the electronic duo from Oulu; DJ Borzin, the world-class world music DJ; Dope HKI from Bassoradio; Joensuu's own DJ Hazy Daze; and reggae wizards DJ Vilhelm and Joensuu Reggae Allstars.

Rentodisco schedule

Saturday 18 July
2:00pm Joensuu Reggae Allstars: Reggae Time DJ's, Riverside Rockers, Roots Sound, Hitboogie
4:00pm Dope HKI
6:00pm Dope HKI
8:15pm Basement Freaks (GRC)
10:30pm Joensuu Reggae Allstars

Sunday 19 July
2:00pm DJ Borzin
4:00pm DJ Hazy Daze
6:00pm DJ Vilhelm
10:00pm TjH87
11:30pm DJ Borzin

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