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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Drumming up something sexy and fierce

Von Hertzen Brothers needs no introductions. Ilosaarirock's Sunday lineup included this behemoth of Finnish rock.

Von Hertzen Brothers has been touring since the turn of the millennium, has put out several albums and taken in an according amount of Emma awards and gold records. The band is missing one trophy, though: Sexiest Drummer in Finland.

Mikko Kaakkuriniemi’s steady and calculated drumwork is a symphony in percussions. By no means is he the the only one with talents. The eponymous brothers Jonne, Kie and Mikko, and Juha Kuoppala in keyboards do strange magics with their instruments and voices, weaving a magnificent tapestry of sound that has has made them popular both in Finland and abroad.

Von Hertzen Brothers. Photo: Sampsa Geijer

Von Hertzen Brothers. Photo: Sampsa Geijer

During Dreams singer Mikko Von Hetrzen encourages the crowd to sing along. They obey, with glee.

”Are you having a good festival? Amazing luck with the weather, always!”

And he is right, once again the weather gods saw fit to bless the crowds with sunshine. Rok rok.

Mikko Von Hertzen tarjoili kykyjään

Mikko Von Hertzen doing what he does best. Photo: Kalle Kervinen

The band gave the crowd a smorgasbord of songs, from heavy rock to slow ballads. I even spied a few festival sweethearts swooning in tandem and exchanging kisses.

The show was performed with amazing drive, and with a dash of humor: ”Hello Ruisrock! –I mean, Ilosaari!” The quip originated from a bet the guys had made during the drive up north. Apparently Mikko won.

The vocals from the final song, Coming home, by Kie Von Hertzen, had some echoes of Elvis. The song was a fitting ending to an amazing gig, and lit up Main Tent. The guys are absolutely in their element live and on stage, dishing out an overwhelming experience of sound and light, and their showing in Ilosaarirock 2015 was no exception.

Text: Lauri Hämäläinen
Photos: Sampsa Geijer and Kalle Kervinen
Translation: Jaakko Suvanto

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