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Festival-frenzy with minimal budget

A few useful tips for minimizing your festival budget.

Vapaaehtoistyöntekijän saavat festivaalilipun ilmaiseksi. Kuvassa kylttitiimi. Kuva: Terhi Hytönen

Volunteers get the festival tickets for free. Sign-team in the picture. Photo: Terhi Hytönen

Has your money run out just at the dawn of summer? Are your hopes of going to Finland’s happiest festival collapsing? Do not fret! A festival weekend can be fitted into anyone’s budget with these useful tips.

There are many ways of arriving to Joensuu, such as flying by seaplane, if you really want and you have the money. The cheapest way, however, is to hitch-hike. If you are patient and aren’t afraid of strange people, nor in a hurry you can try lifting your thumb up with a smile. Just choose a place at the side of the road leading to Joensuu. Just make sure you are on the right side of the road. Many lonely drivers are looking for company.

If you are not comfortable with hitch-hiking, you might choose carpooling. Its popularity has increased hugely during the last years. People from every corner of Finland are arriving to Ilosaarirock, so there should be many possibilities to get a ride from all over the country. If you are not able to find a ride, you can buy a ticket to the official Ilosaari festival bus or to other operating buses. You can find more information about the buses from the Info-section of these webpages.

People of age can earn pocket money by being alert in the bar tents and areas. The drinks are sold in plastic cups which carry a small deposit you get back if you return the cup. You can collect discarded cups, but be sure that you don’t accidentally – or deliberately – take a cup that is in use.

Another way of making some money (or getting beer) is to learn some useful and entertaining skill and performing to people, for example in the camping site in the middle of the night. The funnier you are, the more money you get.

The most efficient and nicest way of saving money is (at lest to yours truly) to do volunteer work. Volunteer shift during the festival weekend is about 12 hours and is rewarded with a ticket to the festival, accommodation at the Ravileirintä camping and food vouchers.

There are other benefits than just the need for a smaller festival budget to volunteering as well. You also get a different viewpoint of the festival as a volunteer and can find like-minded people to befriend among the other volunteers. Friendships that start during the festival can last a lifetime.

So You, with limited budget, remember that there are many options to choose from. Don’t miss this summer’s greatest weekend!

Volunteers at the Niittyleirintä camping. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila

Text: Johanna Mikkola
Photos: Markus Korpi-Hallila and Terhi Hytönen
Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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