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Joensuu Finland 17.–19.7.2015

Ghostly drama in Main Tent

Swedish heavy metal band Ghost was the perfect choice for the last performer in Main Tent.

A Ghost fan with face painting. Photo: Tuukka Pakarinen

People are waiting anxiously for the last performer of Main Tent. Most notable ones are the fans of the band in appropriate attires like face paintings and religious symbols. It is clear that something worth seeing is coming up next.

The lights go out and the air is filled with cheering. The players of the band, Nameless Ghouls, walk to the stage in black robes and masks. The atmosphere in the tent is frantic from the get-go.

Kukaan ei tiedä Papa Emeritus III:n oikeaa nimeä. Kuva: Tuukka Pakarinen

No one knows what the real name of Papa Emeritus III is. Photo: Tuukka Pakarinen

The lead singer Papa Emeritus III enters the stage dramatically through smoke. Black robes, papal hat and skeleton face paintings might look corny on anyone else, but this band can pull them off with poise and mystique.

The band really is mysterious: all members have been able to keep their identities a secret for almost seven years.

But now back to the gig. I predicted that the gig would be quite popular, but I didn’t expect this kind of spirit. The audience shouts and pumps fists in the air and this feels refreshing after so many indie and pop gigs. And the music is not half bad either. To me this band sounds ten times better live than on record.

After From the Pinnacle to the Pit the singer welcomes the audience. He does this with small but dramatic gestures as usual. During the third song, Ritual, all of the corniness some might have seen in the band has disappeared. It is oddly satisfying to follow the tiny gestures of the singer and notice how his movements almost hypnotize the audience to follow every moment.

Ghostin lavashow on teatraalinen. Kuva: Tuukka Pakarinen

Ghost put on a dramatic show. Photo: Tuukka Pakarinen

The music of Ghost is metal but with a pinch of pop. The lyrics are filled with gloomy subjects, but there are no overkills. The dramatic and impressive performance must be acknowledged separately. The dark, church-like set combined with a great chemistry between the band members is wonderful to look at.

The gig is fairly long, but the fans crammed in the tent don’t mind.

After more heavier songs, If You Have Ghost feels almost sentimental. The song is placed well just before the encore.

The wait is not too long and when the band comes back to the stage the atmosphere reaches its peak. We get to enjoy a few more moments of the amazing charisma of the band. The last song Monstrance Clock fits ridiculously well at the end of the gig and the whole tent sings along.

Come together, together as a one.

This is the perfect ending for the last gig in Main Tent.

Text: Camilla Hanhirova
Photos: Tuukka Pakarinen
Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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