Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Eevil Stöö (FIN)

Eevil Stöö

Eevil Stöö was recently voted as the best rapper in Finland in a poll by a radio station YleX. Eevil Stöö returns to Ilosaarirock Festival after two years' break to darken the day once again. With his nihilistic underground sound, anxiety-filled lyrics and hooded stage presence, Stöö has gained a surprisingly widespread success with sold out club gigs and number one hits.

Eevil Stöö released a new album called Iso vauva Jeesus in February and revealed that his anxiety stems from loneliness. On one of his songs he wishes to grow another head to have someone to talk to. Let's show this morose guy we care by checking out his show, heavy lyrics and massive beats at Main Tent stage!

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