Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Haken (UK)


Haken, one of the most eminent bands of the contemporary progressive rock, combines classic virtuoso guitar and synth runs with epic melodies and modern, heavy guitar riffs. However, Haken isn't a metal band but instead an outfit that adheres to the honourable tradition of prog. Naturally, the pure instrumental skills of the group are staggering as well as their ability to write songs both catchy and complex. When you see them play live, your jaw will surely drop.

In 2013, Haken took a spiritual journey to the 1970s on their album The Mountain. This year, they are ready to venture in new territories on their brand new record Affinity. The logical route to take is, of course, the 80s: Haken has promised to traverse the path, take a deep breath, of Yes and Toto. Be prepared for a rollicking ride!

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