Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Maj Karma (FIN)

Maj Karma

Founded in Harjavalta in 1992, Maj Karma has since become one of the giants in Finnish heavyrock scene. Their music is filled with melancholy, rugged riffs and dark romance. Add vocalist Herra Ylppö's deep voice and incisive lyrics, and it's easy to how Maj Karma became a household name. In 2009, however, the band announced that they are taking a break for indefinite time.

Five long years later rumours were heard that the band is making a comeback. In December 2015 Maj Karma released a much anticipated first single called Puumiekka from their upcoming album Peltisydän, which is scheduled to be published in February 2016. The second single Sotaa ei tule is another promise of a hell of a comeback album. Maj Karma was last seen in Ilosaarirock Festival in 2009 – it's about time to have them on stage again!

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