Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Skepta (UK)


Do you remember when Dizzee Rascal performed at Ilosaarirock? Many people consider that gig to be the dopest hip hop show ever heard at the festival. This summer, though, we'll hear something with even more swagger when the English king of grime Skepta steps on the stage!

Skepta's high-octane club rap is influenced by modern dancehall and dubstep. His career kicked off in the beginning of 2000s and after that he has collaborated with such major rap figures as Kanye West and Drake. Skepta is also the only grime artist who has managed to make a commercial breakthrough in the North America. His highly anticipated fourth album is coming out this year. If the rest of the songs on the record are as good as the single Shutdown, we're looking at a real resurgence of old school grime. On this killer track, Skepta is as fierce, witty and uncompromising as ever. It's about to go down.

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