Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Tryer (FIN)


Tryer, hailing from Tampere, shook the Finnish punk scene in 2014 when they released their second album Kukkia kaamoksesta. Passionate, intense and beautiful songs redefined the Finnish hardcore scene and stirred interest and appreciation outside the genre, as well. Tryer has performed in many festivals and has won even more fans with their flawless playing and feverish energy.

Tryer combines feisty thrash-riffs to hardcore aesthetics, and it has been compared to the legendary Canadian band Propagandhi. This summer you can see and decide for yourself, for both bands will play at Ilosaarirock Festival. Tryer does stand firmly on its own feet, though. Their original sound is topped with singer Jussi Kahola's inimitable vocals. All you lovers of punk, hardcore, metal, and alternative rock: make sure you are present when one the best live bands in Finland takes the stage!

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