Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Fancy a hotel room at camping site?

The camping sites at Ilosaarirock Festival are where new friendships are born, romances bloom and unforgettable memories are created. In other words, it is where the magic happens.

In Ilosaarirock Festival you get to choose from two camping areas: the more upscale and quiet Niittyleirintä and the legendary Ravileirintä, where the party doesn’t stop until Monday morning. The action at Ilosaarirock doesn’t limit to the main festival area. This year you will have the chance to show off your competitive edge at the pedal car Olympics at Ravileirintä. To keep you in good festival shape, festival yoga and workout takes place at 11 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday at Niittyleirintä. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila.

Saturday at Niittyleirintä. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila.

Head of bookings Panu Hattunen explains the philosophy behind festival arrangements at Ilosaarirock.

– Our aim is to provide different alternatives to people. Everyone has their own festival style and we want to provide those styles to our festival guests. Some prefer a different kind of an camping experience or food than others, we want to provide the means for everyone to build their own experience and make it as good as possible.

Every year there is something new and different to experience in Ilosaarirock. Hattunen is particularly exited of the new Snoozy mobile hotels provided this year in Niittyleirintä.

– The new mobile Snoozy hotels are a really great thing to finally have in Finland. It is great that there is this kind of thinking that camping isn’t necessarily sleeping in a crummy tent in a ditch.

Camping can be quality accommodation nearby quality services.

Panu Hattunen chilling at Snoozy mobile hotel. Photo: Petri Varis.

Panu Hattunen chilling at Snoozy mobile hotel. Photo: Petri Varis.

Both sites form their own quirky villages with services to fill all your festival needs: restrooms, campfire sites, lounging with cell-phone chargers, a 24h village shop in Niittyleirintä and a 24h kiosk in Ravileirintä. Niittyleirintä campers get to visit Ravileirintä as guests. Adults are allowed to bring alcohol drinks to both sites.

Campers are kept fresh and clean by the nearby Kuntokeidas sport centre. Showering is free for Niittyleirintä customers and for Ravileirintä campers the cost is only three euros. For those, who want to try Finnish sauna, the local swimming hall is near for the low cost of four euros.

Enjoy the full festival experience in Ilosaarirock’s camping sites! Don’t forget to pack your adventurous mind and good festival spirit with you!

Text: Saila Rönkkö

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