Joensuu Finland 15th–17th Jul 2016

Festival Life

The Festival Life page will be updated during the spring and actual festival weekend. It will feature stories and photos written and taken by dozens of journalists and photographers about bands as well as numerous other interesting phenomena around Ilosaarirock festival.

Latest photos

Decorating can be a proper leg workout

17.7.2016 klo 21:56

Ilosaarirockin somistustiimi rokkaa! Kuva: Terhi Hytönen

During the festival, the job of decorators has largely already been done, but lighting up the sea of candles infront of the Main Stage is a proper workout. A great deal of the decorators’ work is such that you would only notice it if it wasn’t there.

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Haken’s playful music made the Metelli audience go wild

17.7.2016 klo 20:46


Rock and fun – that’s Haken in short. Music fans unfamiliar with the band’s music prior to the gig are left with their mouths open and clapping their hands as the astonishing jazz solos and choir parts unfold. The diverse musical elements wowed the audience in the Metelli tent on Sunday evening.

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Wolf Alice mesmerises and invigorates

17.7.2016 klo 15:12

Wolf Alice hurmasi yleisönsä. Kuva: Kalle Kervinen

British band Wolf Alice served just the right kind of music for their audience in Metelli Tent on Saturday evening. Though there were some hickups during the trip to Joensuu, the festival crowd as well as the artists themselves enjoyed the gig.

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Propagandhi amazed us with their music and message

17.7.2016 klo 13:36

Inka Nevalainen

The world is a fucked up place. Propagandhi, who promote peace and tolerance in their music, drove the crowd wild in the Tähti Tent. The raw punk got the mosh pit worked up to overdrive, all the while a flag with a peace symbol on it waved over the venue. The band’s message is encouraging: although there is a lot of evil and wrong in the world, never let the world change who you are.

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