Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Alex Mattson (FIN)

Alex Mattson

Alex Mattson hasn't even turned 20 yet, but this fresh new EDM artist has already been signed by Sony and Ultra Music. This producer-DJ's debut single UFO feat. Solamay became of the most streamed songs on Spotify and it has already sold platinum. Mattson's second single Forget You has sold gold, and both songs have been streamed for over 12 million times.

In addition to his own songs, Mattson has created delightfully danceable remixes of songs by Ricky-Tick Big Band and Sandhja, for example. If you want to know what Finland's next international star sounds like, check out Alex Mattson's party this summer at Ilosaarirock Festival!

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