Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Haloo Helsinki! (FIN)

Haloo Helsinki!

When you need someone to tell you how youth, love, partying, crippling heartache, longing and pain feel like, this band knows it best: Haloo Helsinki! The unique and stellar sound of the vocalist-bassist Elli combined with the skillful playing of Leo Hakanen, Jere Marttila and Jukka Soldan have made Haloo Helsinki! one of the most popular and successful Finnish pop rock bands.

Being active since 2006, this band took a well earned year off to charge their batteries, but now they are hitting the stages again, including, of course, Ilosaarirock. Their comeback single Rakas went straight to the top of the charts and playlists and reminded us that the magic of Haloo Helsinki! is definitely still there, better than ever. Their sixth studio album Hulluuden highway is scheduled to be released on 16th March. In July it's time to rock your heart out and welcome Haloo Helsinki! back!

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