Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Imagine Dragons (USA)

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons returns to Ilosaarirock Festival! Hailing from Las Vegas, the big name of contemporary American alternative rock went straight to the top of the scene in 2012 with their debut album Night Visions. The record immediately came in second on the Billboard ranking, and later the first single Radioactive was awarded a Grammy as well as chosen as the rock song of the year by the Rolling Stone magazine. The band received many more awards and much praise while embarked on a long and successful tour during which they also visited Ilosaarirock in 2013.

The music of Imagine Dragons burns with passion: it's shamelessly grandiose with an ineffable sense of uplift. The band delves into different genres and makes them their own with thunderous emotionality and catchy melodies. If you're looking for kindred spirits, take a listen to the fellow Las Vegasians The Killers or the British Mumford & Sons and Bastille. The sophomore album Smoke + Mirrors bolstered the set list of Imagine Dragons with such hits as I Bet My Life, Shots and Warriors which have ignited crowds all over the world.

The beauty of Imagine Dragons is thus best witnessed live. They're right at home on the big stages, always unbelievably energetic and genuinely warm towards the audience. We're honored and delighted for Dan ,Wayne ,Ben and Daniel to return to Joensuu. Let's get ready to fall in love!

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