Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Holy Pooper – the Dio toilet

Yes, you read it right: Dio toilet, not bio toilet!

This brand new invention is a porta-potty decorated with flame emblems, that blasts the music of Ronnie James Dio nonstop. In addition to 20 hand-picked songs it has a visitor’s book for patrons to write their greetings for the father of the concept, Juha Hirvonen. Dio was a heavy metal legend who left his mark in the music history in bands that include Black Sabbath, Rainbow and, of course, Dio. This ground-breaking toilet can be found beside Metelli Stage, go and try it while you can!


Otso after his visit to the Dio toilet. Picture: Inka Nevalainen

Juha got the idea for the toilet back in his school days, when he used to equip toilets in school parties with a similar concept, again and again. The whole idea behind this festival toilet is to honor the memory of the passed artist, whose birthday was a few days ago, and that’s why the permission was granted very fast by the widow.

We talked with the toilet users and everybody was very positive and happy about the toilet. Juha, how does this feel?
– This is just fucking awesome. The whole meaning of this was to do this with a positive feeling and with respect to Dio. 

How did you pick the songs on the playlist?
– It has precisely 20 songs, and they are picked by my own preference, but it has at least one song from every 10 albums Dio ever made. All of the songs are from the actual Dio band. And with Dio I mean the band, and not just the artist. Everybody always confuses these two and thinks that the band was his solo project, but it wasn’t.

Which band you are waiting to see this year in Ilosaarirock?
– Rag’n’Bone Man. I know this isn’t actually 80’s metal, but as I’ve gotten older I have let myself open my musical taste a bit. When I heard a song from this guy and saw his picture, I just could not understand how he is behind that song.

Telemark-style exit by Sauli. Picture: Inka Nevalainen

We talked with several Dio-toilet users, and here are their opinions:

What interests you in this toilet?
– Good music is always interesting says Ahti.
– It plays Dio, Otso says quietly.
Sauli does not get the point immediately – Of course it’s interesting. Is it one of those incinerating toilets?
– Just look at it. It’s really cool!  Teppo states matter-of-factly and proceeds to do his business inside.

If this toilet had longer line that the others, would you wait to go there instead of a normal toilet?
– Fuck yes I would, Otso grunts!
– If the need arises I would go to others too, Teppo says.

 How do you feel about it now after visiting it?
– Damn fine, I enjoyed the music and wrote in the guest book, Otso laughs.
– It’s so luxurious, I wrote in the guest book too, Teppo says.
Sauli explains simply: – It felt so good!

Text: Markus Jalkanen
Pictures: Inka  Nevalainen

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