Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Ilosaari through the eyes of a Swiss: ”People from Joensuu look like they’re listening to rock music”

Markus from Switzerland left his job and left for a long bike trip. In Lieksa he met a woman who organized volunteer work in Ilosaarirock for him.

Markus is especially interested in The Hellacopters and Pixies. He says that Ilosaarirock is big compared to Swiss festivals. ”In Swiss festivals there’s usually might be two stages and maybe one smaller stage. Here there are five stages”, he explains. Photo: Lauri Kaukotie

In the spring Markus from Switzerland resigned from his work and left for a long bike trip.

A little while before Ilosaarirock he met Leea in a camping area in Lieksa. She helped him and organized volunteer work in bicycle parking for him.

– People look like they’re listening to rock music so it feels a bit like home, Markus says.

He thinks that his home town, Winterthur, located near Zürich, is very alike in this respect.

After Ilosaarirock Markus will continue his bike trip and leave for Lieksa and continue from there towards north. He wants to reach Nordkapp, Norway in late August.

Markus would like to work in Lapland over the winter and study Finnish. After that he is planning to travel to Iceland and Scotland through Norway. He means to return to Switzerland in October 2018.

The appeal in cycling for Markus is the slowness.

– You slowly see how people and the landscape are changing.

For him a long bike trip has above all a spiritual meaning.

– Sometimes I do miss home but nice encounters with different people change my mood instantly.

One such encounter happened in Lithuania:
– I met a guy looking for amber in the middle of the night and got to join him for the search.

Text: Ilona Pesu
Photo: Lauri Kaukotie
Translation: Jenni Rajala

Ilosaarirock Festival