Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Insomnium and the Joensuu City Orchestra present a unique joint gig at Ilosaarirock

The Finnish melodic death metal band Insomnium and the Joensuu City Orchestra have combined their skills to offer a unique live gig for the festival goers of Ilosaarirock. They will play the entirety of Insomnium’s 40-minute long Winter’s Gate.

According to the guitarist and singer Ville Friman, the idea behind this collaboration came from Ilosaarirock’s promoter, Panu Hattunen.

– There are various orchestrated backgrounds on Winter’s Gate which are sampled to the record and are not played by a live orchestra. Panu’s idea was to organize a special live-version of the song in which the background music would be played by a real live orchestra.

Polish conductor and composer Krzysztof Dobosiewicz also joined the project. He has previously worked for example with Happoradio and Sara.

– Krzysztof joined the project in order to ease the arrangement of the song into a whole new and interesting version, says Friman.

Friman also mentions that there are plenty of technical challenges that affect the setup of the joint live performance. How to fit in all the musicians onto the stage and how to separate the sounds of the orchestra and the band from each other to name but a few. Weather can also be an issue for the acoustic instruments, because they can be affected by the weather changes.

– There are many things that can go wrong but even so I’m waiting for the gig with enthusiasm. You should try everything – especially, if there is an opportunity to do something this special.


Insomnium at Ilosaarirock Festival 2014. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila.

This is a first joint live gig with a City Orchestra for Insomnium. This gig is also planned to be played only in Ilosaarirock. In other upcoming gigs Winter’s Gate will be played with background recording.

According to Friman, this gig is unusual for the band, as well as for the orchestra. Both have practiced separately yet the whole performance will also be rehearsed jointly before the festival weekend.

– There has been a lot of planning to get this gig to work. The playing itself is not a problem, but technical aspects cause some worries. The more there are musicians involved, the more there are moving parts to take care of. However, this gig has been thought through and the rest is up to God.

Friman believes that this gig will be a one of a kind experience for all Ilosaarirock goers. This is something that everyone interested in combining heavy metal and classical music should see.

Aleksi Munter, the former keyboardist of Swallow the Sun, will be playing with us in Ilosaarirock. He has performed with us earlier too.

Insomnium was formed in Joensuu so Ilosaarirock is familiar and nice place to play in.

– Ilosaarirock has one of the best festival sites in Finland, its atmosphere is comfy and there are always a lot of acquaintances there. It is a special and pleasant opportunity to get to play there. It is also wonderful to do something unique for a change.

Unfortunately, the band has no time to enjoy the festival atmosphere for they move on shortly after the gig towards a new gig in Sweden.

Insomnium and the Joensuu City Orchestra will perform in Main Tent of Ilosaarirock on Friday 14th of July at 10.15PM.

Text: Johanna Rytkönen
Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila
Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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