Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

MØ returns to the Finnish festival stages in Ilosaarirock

Sunny MØ is happy about the beautiful summer weather at Ilosaarirock and tells the festival media what her first festival experience in Roskilde was like.

MØ at Ilosaarirock. Photo: Lauri Kaukotie

The Danish singer Karen Ørsted by her real name, arrives to Ilosaarirock on Saturday evening and begins the conversation by praising the beautiful weather and inhaling the fresh air with a wide smile on her face. She says that she is more than happy to be back performing in Finland. MØ admits that she will be busy with touring this summer but not as busy as she was during the last three years.

– This summer will be different as I’m finishing and getting ready with a lot of creative stuff. So it is not that crazy.

She cannot name one show that she is looking forward to more than others this summer, but she is excited about the her upcoming performance at the Melt Festival in Germany on Sunday. The Roskilde Festival in Denmark also has a special place in her heart as it is the first festival she ever attended. MØ tells that whenever anyone asks about her favourite festival, she goes back in her memories to Roskilde.

– Festivals are always so much fun because it is about letting go. I remember being so crazy overwhelmed by the sense of freedom that came over me because it was beyond anything that I had ever tried. People are just loose in a different way.

MØ tells that she makes the best songs always at a time when she is going through a lot of emotions.

– Those emotions can be good or bad. We go through different kind of phases, and sometimes we are just more sensitive to the world. So it is the inspiration from my own life, but also other artists, movies and even art can inspire me, MØ says and smiles.

MØ thinks that the best songs are often written as quickly as in half an hour, but, in contrast, sometimes they might take as long as two years to be born. She explains that she has had the opportunity to create a lot of new music over the course of the last three years and is currently considering her options for making the first new releases.

When the singer is asked to describe her new music in five words, she says that it is about pop and experimental indie but that it is also uplifting, melancholic and has some spice to it.

As the best compliment regarding her music, MØ has met people who have told her that her music feels very personal and real to them.

And what kind of an animal would her music be?

– The prettiest weasel that has ever been seen. They are ugly and stupid but also nice and cute. A very unique weasel, MØ laughs.

Everything OK. Photo: Lauri Kaukotie

Text: Anniina Hautakoski
Photos: Lauri Kaukotie

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