Ilosaarirock Joensuu 3 days 14th-16th July 2017

Nothing But Thieves rocked the Main Tent on Saturday

Nothing But Thieves brought rock heaven to the Main Tent on Saturday. In our interview the band described their music as the time between Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Nothing But Thieves. Kuva: Jon Norppa

The British band Nothing But Thieves arrived to Ilosaarirock on a fairly short notice. When their fellow-countrymen Snakehips had to cancel their gig due to scheduling conflicts, the rock group from Essex came to the rescue and filled the slot.

After the engaging gig, the band was tired but relieved. The day which had started in Latvia had now gotten a splendid ending.

– I managed to sleep approximately an hour last night, the guitarist Dominic Craik says.

– It took a little while for the crowd to warm up to our music but especially after the midway of the gig the vibe was amazing, the singer Conor Mason reflects.

The band is particularly well known for their hit single Amsterdam and they are releasing their second album in the fall. According to Mason the new album will be rockier and the electronic songs will be even bigger.

– The songs on the first album were composed over three years. The second album will be a more in-line combination, the guitarist Joe Langridge-Brown observes.

Nothing But Thieves. Kuva: Antti Pitkäjärvi

Langridge-Brown was a spitting image of Kurt Cobain on the stage with his oversized plaid shirt. He was the most active member and bustled on stage energetically while the bassist Philip Blake took probably one step forward during the gig.

Most of the band members pondered that they have probably ended up playing in a band because it has been the only thing they were good at.

– Our music is a combination of all that we have listened to when we were young. If we were born in Finland, we would perhaps play metal music, Craik speculates.

– If we had to describe our music somehow, I think that it’s like the time between Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On a full stomach, Craik laughs.

The interview was made in collaboration with Netti-TV. Watch the video interview here.

Text: Tuomas Vitikainen
Photo: Jon Norppa
Translation: Jenni Rajala

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