Remember that green attitude starts with small deeds: pack your car up with friends instead of driving on your own, or use public transport! Various organisations around the country also arrange coach rides to Ilosaarirock.

The festival site is at Laulurinne (Linnunlahdentie 3), which is about one kilometre from downtown Joensuu. The Joensuu railway station and the bus stops to Ilosaarirock Festival are about two kilometres from the festival site. Ilosaarirock, or ”Rokki” buses, which are free of charge, run between the railway station and Laulurinne.

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Festival bus service

The festival bus service ("Rokki" buses) runs all weekend between the Joensuu railway station and the festival site Laulurinne after the arrival of each train. On Sunday you can take the Rokki bus back to the railway station. On Friday and Saturday the buses will also stop at the school accommodation on their way to Laulurinne. The buses leave from the railway station as soon as they are full so there is no timetable as such.

There will be temporary taxi rank next to festival area. Phone number for taxi is +358 601 10100.

Parking areas for cars

The official parking for Ilosaarirock Festival is situated next to the festival site, by Ravileirintä camping. Parking areas are open from Thursday 6pm to Monday 12 noon. Ilosaarirock Festival is responsible for the parking arrangements. There will be a limited number of parking slots. You are not allowed to stay overnight in your car.

Price for parking at camping site parking areas is 19,50€ for advance reservations before 30th Jun and 25€ after 1st Jul or purchased at gate. You can reserve your parking ticket in advance at (ticket name: HENKILÖAUTON PARKKI under "additional services").

In order for the traffic to function without any big jams there are the parking prohibitions around the festival site. In addition to the festival security personnel, parking will be supervised by the police and traffic wardens.

Bicycle parking during festival weekend

Next to the festival site Laulurinne there is a bicycle parking area. There is no parking fee and area is not guarded. Ilosaarirock Festival recommends arriving to Laulurinne on foot or by bike!

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