There are several hundred security stewards taking care of the safety of our visitors on site, camping site and outside the festival site. There is also plenty of police and rescue authorities.

As a Ilosaarirock visitor, you can contribute to keeping the festival safe and comfortable by arriving with a good mood and taking care of yourself and other festivalgoers. If anything worries you during the festival, or you see or experience something suspicious, you can always turn to any staff member for help.

Gates and security check

The Main Gate leads to the chill out zone. There you can sit and enjoy before the security check. A dedicated gate from Ravileirintä Camping directly to the festival area is also open all weekend.

The festival security personnel will check you at the security check for alcoholic drinks, alcohol bottles, or other objects classified as dangerous – these you cannot take with you to the festival area.

There can be long queues at the gates at times despite the number and hard-working attitude of the festival workers and security personnel. If you are going in to the festival area to see a particular artist performing, don't come at the last minute as the security checks take some time.

Allowed and disallowed items

It is forbidden to bring alcoholic drinks or any kind of glassware to the festival area! Note that it is also forbidden to bring in alcohol bottles regardless of their contents. There are many licenced bar areas in the Ilosaarirock Festival area. The age limit for all licenced bar areas is 18 years. Objects or substances that can be used to harm others, cannot be brought in to the festival area. This means weapons of any kind, explosives, fireworks etc. Please note this includes long umbrellas.

You can bring an empty plastic bottle with you to the festival area and use it as your water bottle. There are several water taps in the festival area. Especially when it's hot, remember to drink also water and not only alcoholic drinks! This will improve your ability to keep on partying into the night. You can bring in also unopened plastic lemonade bottles, juice bottles and other similar non-alcoholic bottles – the keywords are plastic and non-alcoholic.

Items you can bring in to the festival area

Unopened and clear plastic bottles smaller than 1,5 litre (no alcohol bottles), empty and clear plastic bottles smaller than 1,5 litre (no alcohol bottles), hairspray cans and other cosmetics products, short umbrellas, camping chairs (foldable, no garden chairs!).

Items you cannot bring in to the festival area

Drugs and alcohol, alcohol bottles/containers, plastic bottles bigger than 1,5 litre, opened bottles, long umbrellas, laser pointing devices and strong floodlights, walkietalkies and radio transmitters. guns or items looking like a gun, ammunition, explosives, torches and fireworks, knives or blades, needles (unless there is a well-grounded reason), tools, such as multi- function tools, any items or substances that could be used to harm others, megaphones or other items that make loud noise.

First aid

The First Aid point of the festival site is open through the festival from Friday to Monday. It is located next to the Kuntokeidas in the close to the Main gate. There is also Police and Emergency Services at the same area. First aid crew will also patrol in the festival area. In case of an emergency, contact any first aid or security person!

Tight crowds and "crowd surfing"

Avoid dense masses of people if you feel uncomfortable in crowded places. The front areas of stages are places in which the pressure of the audience masses can increase quickly and the situation may become uncomfortable. Should you nevertheless find yourself in a tight spot, stay calm. Do not go against the movements of the mass. Don't hesitate to use your voice to draw attention to yourself. The festival personnel and other festival goers will help you. Crowd surfing is forbidden in Ilosaarirock as it is in European festivals in general. Crowd surfing causes dangerous situations and also hinders possible help operations at front areas of stages. It is also forbidden to carry others on your shoulders.


Smoking is forbidden in front of the stages and in tents.


Animals think that all Ilosaarirock festival performers are loud and that it's too hectic at festivals anyway. In other words, it is forbidden to bring pets to the festival area!


Ilosaarirock's Rento Stage is situated at great beach. Swimming alone or when intoxicated is not safe, so we recommend swimming with friends and sober. The beach is guarded by lifeguards.


Photographing for personal use is allowed, but remember to respect the privacy of other festival guests. Recording and filming performances without a special permission is not allowed based on the Copyright law, so, in case you are planning to publish your recordings, you will need a special permission. Security personnel has the right to prevent all photographing and recording in certain occasions, such as on the artist's request. The crew at the gates is permitted to deny the bringing of tape recorders and video cameras to the festival area.


The sound intensity at the festival area and particularly near the stages may exceed safe levels from time to time, so do protect your hearing and use earplugs or earmuffs. You can buy your own pair at the festival area.

Prepare yourself well for the festival

Bringing the right gear with you helps the weekend to pass more smoothly and reduces the number of so-called earthly worries. Wearing sensible clothes and, above all, sensible shoes, increases your comfort. Good festival shoes are strong, not too new and comfortable to walk in.

The following list includes some gear that we recommend for everyone to take with them to the festival:

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