Beast In Black (FIN)

Beast In Black

Only a few bands have ever had as stunning a start for their career as the infectious heavy metal playing Beast in Black. The band played their first gig with the metal giant Nightwish, and their debut album reached charts in Finland, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and France. The success was no surprise for those who know anything about the band. The primus motor of Beast in Black is none other than Anton Kabanen, the force behind Battle Beast's fame, and an expert composer of top-notch metal hits.

Beast in Black plays honest heavy metal where the riffs kick ass, choruses stick to mind and the singing is high and hard-core. Their gigs are such unashamed metal joy that the crowd is practically compelled to smile widely while headbanging wildly. The journey is just beginning for Beast in Black, but it already needs to be reckoned among the greats. Release the Beast!

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