Evelina (FIN)


Beware – Finland's own Rihanna is here!

In 2015 there was only one question on people's lips: who is this amazingly talented and stylish young girl singing all these amazing songs? The answer is Evelina. 2015 wasn't the first time in the limelight for her, though, as she had competed in the first season of Voice of Finland before. But do not be mistaken, Evelina is no ordinary talent-show product.

Evelina is a part of the new, up-and-coming generation of young and amazingly strong women who are doing exactly what men have been doing for years now: writing and singing lyrics that have just the right amount of naughty and are about all the things that girls are not "supposed to" talk about. Girl power all the way!

If the name Evelina says nothing to you, you have surely heard her compelling voice singing her hit singles Honey, Sireenit and Sushi. Honey has already sold double platinum and has more than 10k streams on Spotify. Her debut album 24K, released in 2016, has even made history. It is the first debut album to sell platinum before it was released. In addition to making new hit songs and touring like crazy Evelina has collaborated for example with Robin, Cheek and JVG.

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