K-X-P, lead by Timo Kaukolampi, is one of the most internationally significant bands to come from the Finnish experimental electronic music scene, and they are finally getting the worldwide recognition they deserve. The Finnish media has also finally caught up on the remarkable talent of Kaukolampi thanks to his brilliant 2017 solo album of analog techno. Now it is time for the Ilosaarirock Festival audience to experience this man's luminous art.

K-X-P trusts and relies on the organic beat which makes them different from the other artists in the electronic music scene. The band's performance is like attending a rite that consists of an endless, hypnotic beat that envelops you and takes you on a journey through the layers of your subconscious. A K-X-P gig is a cleansing experience, a sacred moment stripped of all things irrelevant where the beat comes from a deep, prehistoric origin. Come and experience enlightenment!

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