Night Lovell (CAN)

Night Lovell

Ottawa-born Night Lovell caught the attention of the rap scene in 2014, when he released his debut album Concept Vague. The gloomy sound and dark, solid flow are especially impressive considering the rapper was born only in 1997. Night Lovell's music is dark as night, the tempo is slow and oppressive, but the beats hit the mark without fail and keep the pit moving at the gigs.

The most recent releases showcase Night Lovell who is more everything. The production is even heavier, and the skill level is amped up, too. The trap influence is still clearly audible, but this guy is definitely moving towards his own, highly recognisable sound. While the songs are slow and atmospheric, this former sprinter crafts super energetic gigs that have set audiences all over the world on fire. In July, it's Finland's turn!

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