Dress as you wish at Ilosaarirock

Are you still working on that perfect festival look? This summer's key words are glitter, fanny packs and imagination. Take a look at our stylish and practical tips to complete your look!

Glitter up and go!

There are usually few festival trends that are more popular than others. American Coachella Festival is the forerunner of the latest festival trends and many of this summer’s looks originate from there. For example colorful lei, fluttering dresses, big hats and hippy fringes are some of the trends that have been seen at festivals during last years. The biggest hit lately has been glitter and its popularity has not faded. Glittery face is still THE thing amongst festival goers. This year you can get your glitter on at Ilosaarirock at the stand of eco-friendly Glitternisti.

Return of the fanny pack

One of the most popular hits of this year has surprisingly been fanny packs. These packs have been are yet again the best friend of all travelers and they bring nice nostalgia with them. Some people associate fanny pack with traumatic memories of neon colors and other trends of the 80s. However, do no worry. Several clothing companies have updated these practical packs and you can get them in all kinds of colors and sizes.

For example, several festival goers of Ruisrock realized how practical fanny packs truly are. Ida Myllärinen was seen wearing the traditional model with Pikachus. Myllärinen tells that she got her funny pack from UFF Second Hand Shop and that she is happy of their return. She wondered why they had disappeared in the first place. They are so practical!

Return of the fanny pack!

People argued that the best feature of a fanny pack is its limited capacity. You can only take the essentials and do not need to carry anything useless.

Last moment tips

In addition to glitter and fanny packs, here are few last moment tips to perfect your festival look:

And finally, the most important thing is to use your imagination. Ilosaarirock is a diverse music event and all kinds of looks can be seen during the festival. There are hipsters, punks, metal-heads and people dressed up to amuse others. You can have as much fun as you wish and earn those admiring looks. One of the best things of festivals is to see all kinds of clothes, accessories and such combined in the most imaginable ways.

Text: Mirja Kallinen

Photos: Mirja Kallinen and Markus Korpi-Hallila

Translation: Tuuli Ahonen

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