Guitar melancholy and foggy waves of energy

Hurula offered Ilosaarirock guests a heartful punk pop experience at Metelli stage on Saturday. Read about the gig here!

Hurula. Photo: Sampsa Geijer.

The air is charged with anticipation as festival goers gather in front of the Metelli stage. The tent is not full, but cultured music nerds have found their way to see the gig. Best known form the Swedish punk bands Masshysteri and The ViciousHans Robert Hurula and his solo project Hurula have previously performed in Finland at rock club Tavastia and Sideways festival. The fivesome band fills the tent with dark-toned sounds, in which the partially filtered roughness of punk lifts the music into natural, melancholic serenity.

Wistful songs like 22 and Kom över nu are welcomed with cheers and applause. Hurula’s music brings up mental images even for those not fluent in Swedish. The audience is soon absorbed into hypnotic sadness which begins a unique dialogue with the pop-like up-tempo style of Hurula’s music. The atmosphere in the tent is both longing and energetic – melancholily pulsating guitars invite the audience into surrendered rampage. Few words are pronounced between songs, yet nobody seems to miss talking. Swedish lyrics sound beautiful.

Mr Hurula leaves the stage first, leaving the rest of the band to enjoy the dense euphoria. No one can break this bubble. The players’ energy surrounds the floating melody, not willing to let go. Finally the last band member exits. Lights turn out and the music stops, but the charm chimes in the air. Impressive.


Text: Mirja Kallinen
Photo: Sampsa Geijer
Translation: Nella Moisseinen

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