Everyone to the water! Another attempt to break the skinny-dipping world record at Ilosaarirock

Hundreds of skinny-dippers tried to break the word record for the largest number of people swimming naked at once at Ilosaarirock last summer.

The goal was to beat the previous Australian record of 786 swimmers. The official record was beaten by three swimmer, but unfortunately Guinness World Records did not approve the performance after inspecting a video recording of the attempt. The reason was the fact that few of the swimmers did not stay in the water long enough.

So, let’s try again! We are attempting to break the world record again this summer – with even more people joining in. We talked to the chief editor of Soundi magazine, Mikko Meriläinen, and found out what it was like to be a part of the event last year.

Naturally naked

Mikko decided to participate in the attempt for a few simple reasons:

– I decided to partake almost immediately the attempt was announced. I like to swim, be naked and I love Ilosaarirock. The math was not that hard.

Mikko headed towards the beach without his friends who were too tired to come. Luckily, he met some acquaintances who were already waiting to get to the water.

– Speaking to acquaintances and even to strangers is very easy in events like this, Mikko states.

Mikko was not nervous about participating. Being naked comes quite naturally for most Finns, particularly in sauna and while swimming. Finnish people deal with nakedness in uncomplicated and relaxed manner.

– I was mostly nervous about how many would chicken out. The weather was not too warm.

National pride with other wackos

Mikko did not prepare in any particular manner for the record-breaking attempt.

– I didn’t really need to get ready in any way. I know how to take my clothes of and I can swim. I have had practice in both for almost forty years.

The number of people participating in the attempt delighted Mikko. He describes how he even felt some national pride while shivering in the cold water with the other wackos.

– The best moment was when someone started to sing the Finnish National Anthem while we were all shivering in the cold water. I soon started to sing along too. It was quite moving.

On the day of the record-breaking attempt, the waters were refreshingly chilly as they often are during Finland’s summer. Although Mikko was a bit cold after waiting on the beach, he waded bravely to the waters and even dared to dive quickly.

– The beach was pretty muddy so I didn’t really want to play around in the water much. I just stood there with the others until we got a permission to leave. I noticed that some people were not fully in the game and headed towards the shore too early. Wimps!

Break a sweat before swimming

Mikko’s festial plans are not yet set for this summer. However, if he comes to Ilosaarirock, he will definitely take part in the new attempt to beat the skinny-dipping world record. Here are his greetings to the other participants:

– Most of all I wish that the participants have enough patience. If we truly are to try this, we must do it correctly. You can take it. If the weather is cold, you can prepare yourself by going for a quick run or breaking a sweat in some other way before going to the water. This is a nice and really easy way to break a Guinness World Record.

You might want to listen Mikko, for we have now a new world record to break. The new record was set in Ireland at the beginning of June, when 2 505 naked women swam in the 12 degree waters for five minutes at the Magheramore beach. So, bring a healthy dose of competitiveness and craziness along to Ilosaaricok and we’ll strip, dip and break that record!

The attempt to break the Guinness World Record in skinny-dipping at the beach of Rentolava, on July 14th at 4pm.

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Text: Johanna Rytkönen

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