Nightwish autograph session attracted enthusiastic fans

A long line of Nightwish fans gathered to meet and get autographs from the band before their show on Friday evening.

Communal fandom

Anniina and Aki are hardcore Nightwish fans. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila

A long line of Nightwish fans has already formed fifteen minutes before the autograph session. Anniina and Aki are both long-term fans, and have traveled around to see Nightwish perform. Touring has given them new friends all over Finland.

– Fans are a community, both say with a smile.

Anniina thinks that her best concert experience was in 2005, when Nightwish performed in Provinssirock (in Seinäjoki, Finland). Attending an autograph session for the first time, both expect a memorable concert evening.


Comfortable queuing

Meeting new people in the autograph queue. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila

A pink sofa, seated by Oona and Jussi, stands out in the fan line. Both laugh when hearing the first question:

– We didn’t know each others’ names yet!

Both have been listening to the band for about a decade and have also seen several concerts. This, however, is their first time to meet Nightwish.

– I hope to hear both new and old songs at the gig, Jussi says.

– I think I’ll ask them to write at the back of my vest.


Fandom in the family

Tommi and his father Mika have come to see Nightwish for the second time. Mika has listened to the band ”since Turunen” and confesses having affected the family’s taste in music. Tommi is looking forward to meet the band members, but music deserves the first place.

– I’m excited to see the gig tonight. I like all their songs.

– Seeing the pyroshow will be great too, Mika adds.


Tears expected

Waiting for an autograph from Nightwish. Photo: Markus Korpi-Hallila

Fans carry all sorts of things along when attending an autograph session. Niina and Mira have equipped themselves with the cover leaflets of the album ”Auri”.

– Tonight’s gig will be the eighth for me to see Nightwish live, Niina says. Both expect a good set list and emotional moments.

– I got tears in my eyes last December in their Tallinn gig, and I expect something similar tonight as well, Niina laughs.


Happy fans

Looking remarkably happy, Elisa and Pete stand first in the line. Elisa has been listening to Nightwish for over 15 years while Pete is a newer fan.

– I have listened to Nightwish for three years now, Pete says. The night’s gig is a special one, as he will see the band live for the first time.

– The gig will surely be an emotional experience. Although it’s my first one, it definitely won’t be the last.

– Next week we’re going to Lahti to see the band again, and then again in Hartwall Arena (Helsinki, Finland) in December, Elisa reveals.


Text: Katja Autio and Nella Moisseinen
Photos: Markus Korpi-Hallila
Translation: Nella Moisseinen

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