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Cashless is a wallet in your wristband. It will be used to pay for all the purchases you make at Ilosaarirock Festival. Unused money are returned free by automatic refunds for top-ups made through the personal account. Ask about cashless:

What is cashless payment?

Cashless is a payment method that utilises a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, without bank cards or cash. Like numerous big festivals in the recent years, Ilosaarirock Festival is adopting cashless payment. This means that within the festival grounds you cannot pay with cash or bank cards, but all purchases are made with the cashless wristband.

How cashless payment works?

Create an account!

You will get the most out of your cashless wristband by creating your own festival account.

With the festival account you can:

You can create an account here. You need to create new username and password for 2019 festival account. The account is created with the number code on your festival ticket.

When you change your ticket for a wristband, the chip in the wristband will be activated. Your festival and camping tickets will be attached to the wristband, as well as any money you have added to it in advance.

How do I create an account?

The festival account can be created here. Uploading money and creating an account is free of charge.

To create an account, you will need the number code next to the bar code of Ilosaarirock's entrance ticket (note that you cannot create an account with a camping ticket). If you have multiple entry tickets (day tickets, for example), create an account with the first festival day ticket. If you have a Friday and Sunday ticket, create an account with the Friday ticket. The Sunday ticket can be then added to the wristband at the festival account or at the festival info point.

You can also add your camping ticket to your festival account beforehand. When your wristband is activated, your camping tickets will be automatically attached to the wristband. Camping ticket can be added also when you come to the festival camping site.

Uploading money to your cashless wristband

The account can be used upload money from 10€ to 500€ on your chosen payment method: online banking, credit card and mobile payment. The payment broker is Checkout Finland Oy. The maximum amount of money that can be on the account is 500€ for security reasons.

You can upload money from June until the festival closes. You can also download money into your account during the festival, for example, at home or, the network permitting, at the festival area.

You can always also check the balance on your wristband at the account. This is also always shown to you with each purchase. At the account you can also conveniently see the electronic receipts for each purchase made with the wristband. The account transactions and receipts can be viewed until the end of 2019. The information will then be erased.

Uploading money and creating an account is free of charge.

The account is personal and can only be used by one person. One person can only have one account. It is not necessary to create an account, but it makes the festival experience a lot easier.

Uploading money to a friends wristband

Family & Friends allows you to top-up money or accounts to your friends wristbands. In order to top-up money on someone else's account you need to know their wristband or ticket number. You will see on your account the amount you have transferred to your friend but you will not be able to see what they have used this money for.

Top-up points at the festival area

At the festival account, you can use all the common ways of payment (online bank transfers, credit card, mobile pay...) to add money to the wristband.

Another option is to head to the top-up points at the festival area, where you can add credit to your wristband using cash or bank cards. The festival area has two top-up points. Ravileirintä camping also has its own top-up point.

Adding credit to your wristband is costs 1€ / loading. The money will be transferred to the RFID chip without delay.

The maximum amount that can be added to the wristband at one time is 500 euros.

The unused money will be refunded after the festival.

What is an automatic top-up, an auto top-up?

If you have created a festival account you have the opportunity to activate the automatic top-up, “auto top-up”. With the help of the auto top-up you can upload more money to your wristband when the balance is running low. The auto top-ups can be done when you are buying something, e.g. at the bar area. This means that you don’t have to go to the top up point. The sum for the auto top-ups can be defined on your festival account page.

The auto top-up is activated via festival account. You choose the wanted amount that you can then choose to upload when you are buying something. The chosen amount is then charged from your card immediately.

You need a credit card to use auto top-up.

Paying with the cashless wristband

Payment with the wristband is similar to paying with bank cards that have the contactless payment option. To purchase your items, hold your wristband close to the reader. You will see the balance of your wristband with every payment.

The receipts of the purchases can be found on the festival account. If you haven't created an account, you can get the receipts from this web page by using the number on the wristband.

Cash refunds

You can get refunded for you unused money by automatic refunds for top-ups made through the personal account. Automatic refunds are handled by Checkout Finland.

Automatic refunds start Wednesday after the festival and they will show on your bank account or credit card bill.

You can also get refunded for your unused money by filling and submitting a refund form after the festival has ended.

Exchanging your ticket for a wristband and activating it

You change your ticket for a wristband before entering the festival, just like before. You can do this during the festival week at the Rokkikontti Information Point located at the Joensuu city center, Lidl Pilkko store or from Friday onwards at the Main Gate wristband changing point. Those of you who are staying at the camping sites can also change your tickets at the Ravileirintä Camping gate.

When you change your ticket for a wristband, the chip in the wristband will be activated. Your festival and camping tickets will be attached to the wristband, as well as any money you have added to it in advance.


Cashless is a secure and reliable closed system. Because your wristband will be literally on hand constantly, making purchases is even faster than with debit card contactless payment. It is not easy to lose a wristband that is attached to your wrist, and it is nearly impossible to misuse. The wristband can not be removed without breaking it, so you don’t have to worry about having your method of payment with you throughout the festival weekend. You can only use a wristband that is attached to your wrist.

The wristband and its chip are resistant to water, sun lotion and general festival life atmosphere.

If you notice that your wristband has gone missing or is not working, please proceed to the Main Gate information point to resolve the matter.

All information attached with the festival account, such as credit card information are protected on a secure server.

Do you require more information about cashless payments? Please email us at

Payment methods

Payments are handled by Checkout Finland Oy.

Checkout is a safe payment method. The payment service provided by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID 2196606-6) has been authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority. Checkout is part of the OP Financial Group.

Checkout is a money transfer service that transfers the customer's payments to Ilosaarirock Festival. When Checkout Finland Oy appears on your bank statement or credit card invoice, your payment has been processed by Checkout.

Ilosaarirock Festival acts as the marketer and supplier of products and services to the customer. Ilosaarirock Festival is responsible for the legal obligations regarding transactions and other terms and conditions defined by Ilosaarirock Festival. Should you want a reimbursement or return a product, you will need to contact the seller – Ilosaarirock Festival – directly.

Bank payment

Ilosaarirock Festival's cashless-site has payment buttons for almost all Finnish banks. The service provides payment options through Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP-pankki and Säästöpankki. On your bank statement Checkout Finland Oy will appear as the payment receiver who will transfer the payment to the online merchant. You will be redirected from the Ilosaarirock Festival's cashless-site to your own online bank service for a secure payment.

Credit card payment

On Ilosaarirock's cashless-site and online store you can pay with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard. The online store uses international verification services Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Checkout will appear as the payment receiver on the credit card invoice and they will transfer the customer's credit / debit card payment directly to Ilosaarirock Festival. Payment card transactions are processed through a secure payment form and no payment card data will be stored by the online store.

Mobile payment methods

Pivo and MobilePay are mobile payment apps that enable the payment of online purchases. The transaction is accepted in the app by using either a direct bank transfer or a credit / debit card payment. With Pivo the customer can also use Siirto-payments and accept transactions in any app that supports Siirto.


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