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Applying for Ilosaarirock volunteer for this summer has ended. We thank you all for showing interest and sending the application.

All future volunteers should read the following information, which will probably answer most of your questions about practical matters. In case it does not, send your questions to .

Ilosaarirock is cashless

Cashless is a wallet in your wristband. It will be used to pay for all the purchases you make at Ilosaarirock Festival. Cashless is a payment method that utilises a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, without bank cards or cash. This means that within the festival grounds you cannot pay with cash or bank cards, but all purchases are made with the cashless wristband.


We will send a staff-voucher to every volunteer. Personal voucher is send to your email at the beginning of the festival week. You can create festival account with the number code on your staff-voucher.

You have to change your staff-voucher to a wristband at the Staff office located in Joensuu Areena. Your volunteer meal tickets for the festival veekend are also in your wristband.

Create an account!

You will get the most out of your cashless wristband by creating your own festival account.

With the festival account you can:

The account is created with the number code on your staff-voucher.

Staff Office

The Ilosaarirock Staff is the best friends of all volunteers! They will help with any problems you might have before and after the festival. The volunteers will get their wristbands and passes that are needed for entrance from the staff office, which is located in the foyer of the Joensuu Areena and is open from Wednesday to Saturday.

The staff office opening hours:
Wed 10th July from 12noon to 6pm
Thu 11th July from 10am to 6pm
Fri 12th July from 10am to 10pm
Sat 13th July from 10am to 4pm

There are dozens of volunteers at Ilosaarirock Festival, and sometimes everyone wants to get their wristbands at the same time. Therefore, be prepared to queue. Make sure that you have your staff-voucher and a valid ID (passport, driving licence or a similar official document) with you.


Volunteers are entitled to at least one hot meal during volunteer day. The meals are served at Tiedepuisto Staff-restaurant (The Science Park).

Your volunteer meal tickets for the festival veekend are inside your RFID-wristband.

Staff-restaurant opening hours:
Fri 12th July from 5pm to 10pm
Sat 13th July from 12noon to 10pm
Sun 14th July from 12noon to 9pm

Coffee, tea and snacks at Taukotupa

The volunteers' own resting place (Taukotupa) is the place where you can relax. It's located behind the Metelli stage in the festival area. There is a little coffee shop at Taukotupa for the volunteers where you can buy sandwiches and other sweet and savoury snacks for a nominal fee. Bring your own coffee cup with you, then you can drink as many cups of organic fair trade tea and coffee as you like without paying anything. If you don't have your own cup with you, first cup costs 1€. Taukotupa also features a free wi-fi, toilets and waterpoint. Taukotupa is also cashless during the festival.

Taukotupa opening hours:
Fri 12th July from 9am to 01am
Sat 13th July from 9am to midnight
Sun 14th July from 9am to midnight

Staff Camp

If necessary, Ilosaarirock Festival offers those volunteers who do not live in Joensuu accommodation in the dedicated Staff Camp area at the festival's own camping site Ravileirintä Camping. You can stay at the camping site from Friday morning to Monday morning.

Staff t-shirt

All volunteers get a special t-shirt which helps to distinguish them from the festival crowd. After the festival you can keep the t-shirt as a souvenir.

Cloakrooms and parking

Cloakrooms can be found at chill out zone after the Main Gate. Cloakrooms cost 4€ / each visit.

Close to the festival site, about 150 metres from the Main gate, there is a guarded bicycle parking area. Parking fee is 3 euros. There is no special car park for volunteers.

Welcome to volunteer at Ilosaarirock Festival!

Questions and problems will be answered at: .

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